All I can say is thank you for the work that you did installing my home theater system; I love the work that you guys did for me. There are all kinds of people out there that clime that they can set up a system that will work, but very difficult to find people to do it the “right” way, I am extatic about how my system looks and the ease in which it operates, Most people that do this work come in and drill holes in the wall making a huge mess, leave wire clippings everywhere, etc. I was amazed at how clean and tidy you were during the whole process. Lastly, I really appreciate how you incorporated the cords and components that I really had into the system and saving me money. Most installers want to sell you all kinds of cords and mark them up.

When I need more work done-you will be the first people I call. Please feel free tp pass this along to any customers or potential customers.