I own a full service mortgage company with many Loan Officers and Processors that work for me. So I guess you can say that I’m a perfectionist. Everything has to be done perfectly in my business. And I won’t tolerate anything less. I’ve found that having that attitude has brought me a lot of success throughout my career. That philosophy transposes to my personal life as well. When I deal with companies or people in my personal life I expect perfection. I won’t tolerate anything less. It seems like businesses today forget that people are what business is all about. That’s not true of Residential Audio & Video. I’m writing to let everyone know that Residential Audio & Video is a great example of what a business can be. I own several high end, very expensive, Plasma televisions. Angel has come to more than one of my properties and installed every one of them flawlessly. Installs are flawless, customer service is flawless, his crews are professional, courteous, and well groomed, they’ve always meticulously cleaned after each install, arranged my furniture however I wanted it if it had to be moved, you name it and they take care of it. They go above and beyond what I pay them for. And their prices are beyond reasonable. I had a cable technician come to my house once and he couldn’t get the sound to work on one of my plasmas. I called Angel and he walked the technician through it in 2 minutes.

He even said he would come by personally and do it himself if the guy couldn’t figure it out! Why would he do that? That’s not what I paid him to do. I paid him for an install and I got what I paid for. But Angel goes above and beyond what you pay for. After the sale! And that’s just 1 example. Sometimes we as customers don’t like what we’ve purchased or the service we received. And we have an obligation to complain. Unfortunately, some businesses don’t feel like they have an obligation to respond, and they act like once the sale closes, the customer disappears. I’m writing to thank you for not being one of those companies. Thank you Angel. I appreciate the care, service, and perfection you’ve given me over the years. And I will refer everyone I know to you in the future. No one will touch my home electronics except for you!